The Island is a bloody big place.  It has so much to offer but it can be hard to get at it if you don’t know it very well. 

The Jaunt is a quick snap shot of a few of the elements that I love so much about the Island. Nature, food, wine, beaches, and most importantly, the people. And god damn did we get an epic crew this time. I got shivers down my spine to see the boat coming in with all the Jaunters aboard.

There’s something about the fact you’re sleeping in a swag for the night that makes sure you get a really down to earth crew who are up for anything. 

People laughing on the ferry for Island Jaunt

High fives with a swag Island Jaunt

Hugging at the ferry island jaunt

Helping people over a fence Island Jaunt

Enjoying food and conversation Island Jaunt

Comida Paella Eagles Nest island Jaunt

And then, when all these guys come together in the evening with the locals, it just goes up a level and the feeling in the shearing shed is one of energy and positivity. 

I won’t ramble on about what we did because, you know what they say, what happens on the Jaunt stays on the Jaunt. But what I will say is that Jordy (Moorak) and I are incredibly grateful to those who came to make and share these moments with us. 

Stokes Bay Carrying Esky Island Jaunt

Beautiful Jaunter at Stokes Bay

Stoke Wines Rose in hand Island Jaunt

A man and his swag Island Jaunt

Cheers with friends Island Jaunt

Gus Comida cooking Island Jaunt

Stoke Wines Glass Island Jaunt

Dishes and wines on table Island Jaunt

Presenting the Island as a wine region and the wines we are capable of producing is such an important aspect of what we do. To have so many beautiful people drinking our wine in the place it’s grown is a very special thing.

We are only at Jaunt 2 but it is a date in the calendar that I really look forward to. Seriously can’t wait for Jaunt 3. 

Winemakers and guest Island Jaunt

Stoke Wines Shiraz Island Jaunt

Band playing music Island Jaunt

A coffee wake up call in a swag Island Jaunt

Stoke Wines empty bottles Island Jaunt

Hangover breakfast Island Jaunt

Swags on a Bus Island Jaunt

Massive thanks to Brad and Gus (Comida Hahndorf), Liv and Nath (The Shearing Shed/Grass Hopper Brewing), Jo (the bus driver/legend), and of course Jordy from Moorak. He is producing some outstanding wines and we’re glad the Island features in his line up. 

Thanks again to the Jaunters, you know who you are. 

Yours, Duggie