I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people drinking Kangaroo Island wine in all my life! We released our wines last weekend and I’m still buzzing. So much love and so much fun.

The sun was shining, the winery was too and the dogs destroyed my agapanthus. We said no kids for crying out loud. Kidding, I loved every minute. Even when that brown lab knocked the tray of home made choc chip cookies out of Mum's hands for the second time.

Stoke Winery People Smiling

Stoke Winery Sun Shine people on a bench

Stoke Wines and Friends

stoke cartons and tea towel

The best thing about this industry is wine’s ability to bring people together in this way. People harp on about natural vs conventional, sulphur and filtering and additions and all that stuff but it’s the spirituality of wine that really gets us going. Wine is so unique in this way. It highlights and heightens the importance of a celebration. It’s also how I justify my existence so please don’t debate it’s role.

Stoke Friends hugging

Stoke Winery Bar

Stoke Winery Launch Event

Stoke Winery Launch Event

Stoke Wines Pet Nat Smiles

Stoke Wines Table Golden hour

A massive thank you to all of you who came to help us celebrate. It was so special to have you at Stokes home. And to everyone who buys and drinks our wines, an even bigger thank you! The ongoing support means the world to us.
We promise to keep putting in the yards to bring you the best possible vino we can. We hope you feel the love and feel a wee bit spesh when you crack one.
Lots of love.
Yours, Duggie.x